DABS organizes Pre-Proposal Conference in UAE for Kandahar Solar Power Project


Forty participants of varied nationalities and from more than thirty multi-national organizations congregated in Ajman, United Arab Emirates to attend the Pre-Proposal Conference for the Kandahar Solar Programme on 23rd November 2015. Senior officials of US Agency of International Development (USAID), DABS (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, national electricity utility of Afghanistan) and the Government of Afghanistan welcomed the potential offerors. The offerors are in competition to be eligible to participate in the reverse auction bid for the installation and operation of a 10 MW Solar Power Plant in Kandahar and the winner will be the first Independent Power Producer of Afghanistan. Prospective offerors came from various countries including Germany, America, China, Afghanistan, UAE, etc. and most of them are Independent Power Producers in various countries like Pakistan, UAE, etc. 

At the conference, DABS, USAID, and the Phoenix teams made detailed presentations on various aspects of the project, explaining the RFP (Request for Proposal), the Power Purchase Agreement and other project documents. The bidders came with multiple queries about the Power Purchase Agreement, Escrow arrangement, governing laws of Afghanistan, role of USAID, role of DABS, risk allocation, etc. Discussions on these queries were conducted in the question and comments session held in the afternoon. A team comprising of highly experienced professionals from the DABS – Phoenix team viz. KPMG, Tractebel, Finnacle and RIAA Barker Gillette have worked furiously with USAID to ensure successful completion of this milestone. Apart from preparing the project documents, DABS along with Phoenix has played an extremely crucial and integral role in bringing all the professionals on the same platform. DABS successfully integrated the entire process of broadcasting the hyperlink of the USAID website hosting the RFP amongst the target audience and guiding the queries to USAID.  A dedicated team member from the PR team organized the entire logistics of the conference, which began from search of the venue, visas of the participants, airline tickets, collaterals for the conference, setting up the hall and meeting venues, etc. 

The upcoming two weeks will be devoted to providing written answers to the questions raised by the participants and providing the additional documents requested by the offerors. February 26, 2016 will be the due date to receive the technical proposal and DABS team is preparing to meet this deadline.   

 Kandahar Solar RFP

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