TUTAP Power Transmission Line Should Be Reviewed, VP


Kabul (BNA) Based on the President’s instruction followed by letters of the second vice president, a session was held yesterday with participation of minister of water and energy, head of Breshna Shirkat and Second Vice President to discuss transmission line of TUTAP 500 KV power.
In the session, the second vice president asserted that unfortunately no change had been occured in particular in connection with energy in central provinces in the past 14 years, adding that even in master plan of the country’s energy in coming 20 years, no project has been considered in the central provinces, adding that the issue was against the government’s policy related to maintaining social justice and balanced development.
The second vice president Sarwar Danesh by praising the country’s President for seriously ordering of review in master plan of the energy said direction of the project should be specified based on national interests and balanced development and demands of a big part of the country’s people. In the session, minister of water and energy Ali Ahmad Usmani suggested that the project should be re-viewed by Breshna Shirkat and joint effort of ministry of water and energy and other relevant organs and the decision would be taken based on needs of all people of the country. Meanwhile, head of Breshna Shirkat said that the company would act on any decision taken in this regard.
Finally, in the session it was decided that the contract of transmission line of 500KV electricity should be stopped. Joint delegation of the ministry of water and energy, Breshna Shirkat and representative of the second vice president office would re-view the issue and report result of the final decision to cabinet meeting.

Source: Bakhtar News

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