Renewable energy summit and exhibition Access to Finance
Kabul – Afghanistan – The Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union and the Ministry of Energy and Water held the first Afghan Renewable Energy Summit and Exhibition with an “Access to Finance” theme.... Read More
Afghanistan to get major transit revenues from CASA-1000 project
BISHKEK (TCA) — The Central Asia South Asia (CASA-1000) electricity transmission project was signed by water and energy ministers of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan... Read More
Tajikistan: An Opportunity for Great Power Cooperation
Tajikistan: An Opportunity for Great Power Cooperation   The plight of Central Asia’s poorest nation offers a rare opportunity for collaboration among regional powers.   ... Read More
As U.S. withdraws from Afghanistan, darkness falls on Taliban birthplace
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Inside a former U.S. military combat outpost, still ringed by curled barbed wire and blast walls, several massive generators are silent. Outside, factories that depend on the machines for... Read More
Dabs Engineer Fixes Two-Year Problem at Tarakhil Plant
Kabul, Afghanistan - For two years, the problem at Tarakhil Power Plant baffled engineers and international consultants.  However, Afghan engineer Ehsan Khaibar figured out how to bri... Read More
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