Wind Energy

Production and Dissemination of Wind Pumps in Rural Areas in Herat


Herat is a city known for its 120 days of very strong winds. Even during the remaining part of the year, good winds are available, though not as strong as during the 120 days. This leaves a lot of room for utilizing modem techniques and technologies related to wind energy, in order to meet the basic needs of the people.

The Wind pumps have been installed in various villages where they access to the water for drinking and irrigation purposes a re problematic. These wind pumps are disseminated on a 40% subsidy basis thus the income is revolved to produce additional units.

In order to implement this component of the program, the following strategy has been developed:


  • Requests of the communities for the wind pumps are received. Requests are considered -based on priority and need. Prior to installation of a wind pump, the following activities are undertaken
  • The site is surveyed, in order to find out if the underground water level is suitable
  • The community digs the well, which shall meet the requirements of the pumps
  • A design is prepared for wind pumps, which would suit a capacity of 2.5 Liters/second at a wind speed of 8 meters/second, by a pumping head of 20 meters, using a 90 mm crank radius and a 150 mm piston pump.
  • A well is dug and a Wind pump, which is produced at the AREA Wind pump factory, is installed. In addition a reservoir for storing up to 15 cubic meters of water is constructed. This reservoir will make water available for the villagers, at times when sufficient winds are not available.
  • During the course of the production site and trained in the construction and dissemination of the wind pump units. The intention is to enable them to install and repair these on their own, thus multiplying the distribution factor.