Micro Hydro

Due to absence of electricity in the area, the populations have to utilize kerosene as their main source of lighting and wood as their main source of energy for cooking, heating and baking. This involves health hazards, is enormously time consumption, and lead to environmental degradation. Electricity will contribute towards decreasing each of these disadvantages.


The essence of this program has been initiating a number of micro hydropower units, which are paid for and owned by the community. Attached to these power units are small scale agro processing factories, which enable the processing of agricultural products and help to upgrade the living conditions of the people. In addition to this, they help in generating employment opportunities for the landless people in the area.


The target area is identified based on the demand and requirements of the community for electricity. As rural communities are more agricultural oriented, it is quite feasible to encourage the villagers to invest in a small factory which would process the agricultural products produced in the village. The farmers will produce vegetables, crops and fruits and send the surplus of their products to the factory for processing. If not all village members are in a position to do this, a number of individuals may carry out the investment.