About Us

The mission of the Afghan Energy Information Center (AEIC) is to be the central repository and distributor of the most accurate, reliable, and unbiased energy data, information, and analysis in Afghanistan.

The AEIC was created by USAID in 2005 as part of Afghan Energy Assistance Program (AEAP) implemented by Advanced Engineering Associates International (AEAI).

After the AEAP ended in 2007, USAID continued to support the project under the Afghanistan Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program (AIRP) implemented by the Louis Berger-Black & Veatch Joint Venture. Since September 2009, USAID directed that AEAI relocate and transition the AEIC to the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW). The current project is scheduled to end in September 2010.


The AEIC supports energy planning and policy development through a variety of activities:

  • Collect and maintain a library of technical drawings and information about power plants
  • Forecast future energy needs and keep historical energy data, including studying regionally-focused energy security.
  • Be a reference source for the information about power plants and imports.
  • Promote energy efficiency, track energy technologies and support renewable energy.Provide market support to existing, new and emerging renewable technologies.Support public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment.
  • Transfer international best practices to local experts and institutions.


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